Biro Box


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Birò Box, the first 100% electric, 4-wheeled personal commuter with up to 300 liters of storage space and removable battery. Ultra compact, eco-friendly, silent. Allowing you to travel freely in the restricted traffic zones of many cities and park easily in scooter spaces.

Positive Driving

There is no freedom without safety. That is why Birò Box is fitted with 4 disk brakes, and its frame is manufactured in steel tubing to make the cabin as strong and resistant as possible. The headrest, the armrests on both sides and the side doors provide comfort in an ultra-compact space, as well as protection against all weather conditions. The roof and rear windscreen can be opened, and the side doors removed to allow light and air in during the hottest seasons. Maximum freedom for a total driving vision: Birò Box has a cabin with wide transparent surfaces which offer you wide views, guaranteed in any condition by the defrost grid windscreen. Enjoy the city, Birò Box is the personal commuter for anyone who has clear ideas about mobility.


Free to move

Birò Box is the solution for your daily commutes, a four-wheeled electric vehicle that saves you time and stress, combining work and leisure. With Birò Box, inner-city traffic is no longer a problem. Its compact dimensions allow for easy parking in scooter spaces and easy access to the restricted traffic zones of many cities. Equipped with useful internal compartments, it also boasts a storage space that exceeds the 300 litres*, Birò Box has been designed to be small yet sociable with two seats, side by side, so you can travel with whomever you choose.

General Features Security frame 3mm thick tubular steel 4 hydraulic disc brakes Openable, tempered-glass sunroof
Electric features 2 Brushless 48 V electric engines Max power: 4 Kw Braking energy’s recover 220V battery charger
Performances Maximum legal speed: 45 Km/h Boost (to enjoy more power if you need be) Slopes able to exceed: up to 20%
Dimension Length: 1.835 mm Width: 1.030 mm Height: 1.565 mm Height above ground: 190 mm