Premium Personal Golf Cart To Fit Your Style

From the current industry leading golf cart brand Evolution, the all-new Evolution D3 golf cart is a high-tech, state-of-the-art vehicle with over two dozen premium features. Like other Evolution golf carts, the D3 comes standard with a long-lasting, powerful 130AH lithium battery, capable of traveling approximately 50-70 miles on a single charge, and able to fully recharge within just 5 hours. The battery management system (BMS) also regulates heat, and automatically shuts off charging when the battery has been fully recharged, preventing overheating and overcharging. The D3 can also be registered as a low speed vehicle (LSV) and certified for street use. Reaching a maximum speed of 24mph, the vehicle is allowed on any public roads with a speed limit of 35mph or less.

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Premium Personal Golf Cart To Fit Your Style


Our personal transportation vehicles come standard with LED lights. Our lights are more powerful with less drain on your batteries, and deliver a 2-3 times wider field of vision than our competitors, so you can enjoy the ride worry-free, even after the sun goes down.


Your trusted golf cart is a reflection of who you are. Upgrades and modifications give personality and style to your vehicle. A golf cart dashboard adds beauty and functionality to your golf cart interior. The golf car accessories on dashboard are designed to improve the machine’s aesthetics, comfort, and function.


Enjoy extra storage space for all your essential gear, ensuring you’re always prepared for a successful round of golf. Our storage bins are meticulously crafted to deliver best-in-class performance. They feature durable construction that withstands the rigors of the golf course, paired with convenient accessibility to keep your essentials at your fingertips.


Redefine your golfing experience with our top-quality built-in removable refrigerator. Designed for unparalleled ease of use and flexibility, it’s the perfect solution for keeping food and drinks cool and within reach on the fairway. Enjoy the convenience of transporting refreshments effortlessly, enhancing your time on the course.


This cart can be fully charged within 5 hours. This is a vast improvement over lead-acid batteries, which can take over 8 hours to fully charge. It delivers more than 60km of driving range. In addition, Battery Management Systems (BMS) have been developed in order to regulate heat, eliminating the risk of overcharging and overheating.


With a rotary switch, the tilt angle of the laminated windshield is easy to be adjusted. It’s a great joy to enjoy the cool breeze skating through tilted windshield especially on a hot summer day. The windshield adds protection from the elements and simply complete the look. The advantages of it include increased safety and good light transmission, ensuring excellent visibility.

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